Indy 500 Track Report - May 15

The AJ Foyt Racing team was busy making changes -- good ones -- today and they found some speed, so there were more smiles in the garage after practice. Conway ran 29 laps with a quick speed of 218.6 mph while Cunningham ran 50 laps with a quick speed of 218.5 mph.

Mike Conway:

“We’ve been improving every day in terms of car balance and feel and slowly picking up speed. I don’t think we are quite as trimmed out as the others. Hopefully there’s still some time in our pocket that we need to explore tomorrow. We’re still figuring out this car as much as we can before we need to start going fast I suppose. The good weather has enabled us to do that."

Wade Cunningham:

“We made a few improvements later in the day. We lost some time earlier with a mechanical issue with the car that we didn’t catch until three runs in so that was unfortunate because tires and miles are so valuable.  We improved the car a little bit and the speed but it doesn’t really show in the time chart because the draft is so important to get a good time and we were under-geared so we just ran out of gearing. So basically what we ran in a draft is only slightly better than what we could run by ourselves. I think that’s why Mike and I were so close on the timesheets because we’ve got the same gear so we’re stuck at roughly the same speed. A relatively good day, a bit more positive than yesterday, and I don’t think where we are on the speedchart reflects the progress we’ve made but that’s why it’s only practice and it doesn’t count.”