Indy 500 Track Report - May 16

The team found a little more speed with Wade Cunningham who also managed to to get a baseline on the race setup for the no. 41 ECat/ABC Supply Honda. Conway's no.14 ABCSupply Honda is still looking for speed. the 41 car turned 29 laps for a top speed of 219.9 mph which ended up 16th on the chart (seventh when he posted it in early afternoon). The no 14 car's quickest lap was 217.2mph after 41 laps on track. It was 25th fastest o 30 cars. Asked what he was doing for dinner, Conway quipped, "Having some fast food." The team is confident they will get things sorted out before qualifying this Saturday.

Mike Conway: [On your plans for tomorrow?] “We haven’t done any race setups and there are a lot of teams doing a bit of that today so we have to get out there and do some but at same time we have to find some speed and know what our speed is for a qualifying run. We have a lot to get through tomorrow. Friday we get a bit of a power boost so that could change things again, so tomorrow will be our best shot to get some race setups done.”

Wade Cunningham: “We made some gains today. We got an idea of where we need to be for race downforce and on the back of that you figure out what gearing you need and the kind of balance as well. We’re headed in the right direction that way. We improved the car mechanically in terms of feel and overall speed. I’d jumped up the charts and the time was really a function of being able to use a bit of gear for the draft. Hopefully making these sort of gains a few more positions tomorrow and a few more the next day and we’ll be chasing the back end of the top 10 which is our target. A relatively productive day, no major issues. And like I said earlier, if my rookie day was the worst day we have this month, we’ll have a good time.”