Notes & Quotes: Go-Pro Indy Grand Prix of Sonoma

Mike Conway on Sonoma: “It’s a fast flowing track so there’s only three hard braking areas, and in the rest of them you carry the speed through the corner to the exit. The first part of the track is comprised of more high speed sections and the rest of it is a bit slower with the hairpin and the chicane so it’s two different disciplines with the car. You might get the car really good for the first section but it might not be that good for the second half of the track, so it’s always a bit of a compromise at Sonoma to get the car right. That’s why it’s so tricky to be quick.”

Conway on the track changes: “The new track wasn’t loads different; they extended the last corner and changed turn 7 which should create a little bit more passing in the race. It will depend on how the tires wear because, at the moment, the tires seem to be running out really quickly. I think it will depend on getting a setup on the car which will make the tires last longer. However when you have that kind of situation where the cars are obviously struggling with grip, you’ll have lots of passing opportunities. I think it’ll be a good race.”

Conway on recent test at Sonoma: “We had a test plan and we wanted to get through a lot of stuff. It started off ok and then we put on the tires that we’re going to run this weekend, and the car wasn’t as good. We did find a good direction toward the end of the test so we got some good stuff done, but we need to find a bit of pace when we get back there.”

ABC Supply roofing customer, Wedge Roofing, Inc. located in San Rafael, CA, won the ‘Your Name Here’ contest for the Go-Pro Indy Grand Prix of Sonoma. The company name will be atop the sidepods of the No. 14 ABC Supply Dallara/Honda.  Ralph Wedge and guests will receive selected merchandise, race tickets, hospitality and garage passes, plus a Meet and Greet with A.J. Foyt and Mike Conway.

Alfredo Hernandez will be the ABC Supply Honorary Crew Member of the race this weekend.  An employee with ABC Supply since 2005, Hernandez works as an inside sales associate in the San Rafael, CA branch.

Busy Weekend for Foyt Family Wines: The eponymous company will be hosting the Third Annual Foyt Family Wine Down at Meadowcroft Wines in Sonoma Friday evening for the race team’s primary sponsor ABC Supply and associate sponsor Alfe Heat Treating. Team principals A.J. Foyt, Larry Foyt and driver Mike Conway will be signing autographs and bottles of wine. Saturday evening, Foyt Family Wines will be at the track with a wine tasting for local IndyCar Nation members. Mike Conway and Larry Foyt will drop in to say hello to fans who are attending the gathering. Along with the traditional Foyt wines, guests will be able to sample FFW’s newest offering, a Riesling which will be available later in the year.

Past performance at Sonoma: As a rookie, Mike Conway finished 3rd in 2009 for his best finish; his best start of 7th came in 2011. The Foyt team’s best finish of 10th came in 2005 and their best start of 15th came in 2006, both times with Jeff Bucknum at the wheel.

ABC Supply will entertain 400 guests at Sunday’s race. The company has entertained well over 40,000 guests at domestic IndyCar races since it began sponsoring A.J. Foyt’s team in 2005!

The Go-Pro Indy Grand Prix of Sonoma will be on the NBC Sports Network starting at 4:00 p.m. ET Sunday.