Indianapolis 500

May 15

Under hot, sunny skies with temperatures nearing 90 degrees, Takuma Sato and rookie Conor Daly logged 213 laps around the Brickyard. Sato reached his top speed of 221.8 mph (12th fastest on the speed chart) on the 86th lap of the 87 laps he ran. Daly ran 126 laps, the most of any driver for the day. His top speed of 220.6 mph came on the 112 lap. With thunderstorms predicted for Thursday, the team wanted to get as much running in as possible.

Takuma Sato:  “It was a productive day again. After yesterday, we were delayed on the program but I think we caught up nicely and we tried several things we wanted to try over the last two days and it was good to see the changes. We collected good data today and finally we were able to run in traffic to see how the car performed. We found some positives and some not so much; we’ll sort it out in the debrief tonight and hopefully continue to progress tomorrow.”

Conor Daly (who ran the most laps today at 126): “We got over 220 today which was enjoyable. I got to run in traffic at the end of the day so that was good experience—a whole new experience for me and I really enjoyed it. As long as I can keep running like that tomorrow, I think we’ll have a good platform for the race. [Was running in traffic what you expected?] “It was a little surprising--it’s tough to really get close to people so I think there’s some stuff we can do with the car to help that, but I think mainly it’s just me trying to figure out how to navigate traffic, so it should get better.”