Conor Daly: Up Close & Personal

Favorite Hobby: Snowboarding

Favorite Music: House/Club/Dubstep/Hip hop

Heroes: My Dad, Michael Schumacher, Ken Block

Favorite vacation spot: Vail, Colorado

Favorite color: Green

Favorite food: Pizza

Favorite drink: Monster Zero Ultra

Favorite dessert: Frozen Yogurt

Favorite book: Halo Novels

Favorite movie: All Fast and Furious Movies

Favorite actor/actress: Actor- Will Ferrell Actress- Amber Heard

Favorite TV Show: Tosh.0

Favorite sport (other than racing) to watch on TV: Football

Favorite Race Tracks (& Why): Spa-Francorchamps because it has incredible elevation changes and a great mix of corners that flow perfectly together, and Sepang Circuit, Malaysia because it is a challenging circuit with a lot of high speed corners.

Favorite restaurant (& Where): Fogo de Chao

Favorite holiday: Christmas

Favorite present received (ever): Any car parts I’ve ever received.

Favorite season (besides ‘racing season’): WINTER! More snow please

Your answering machine message: I have no idea what mine is anymore.

Oldest thing in your refrigerator: My Mom always tries to feed us questionably old foods.

Pets (ages & names too please): Two dogs (Champ and Kimi) and a bird named Lemon.

Something you do before every race: Listen to music.

Most interesting fact about your career: I think I’ve driven every car of each “ladder system” in Europe and America

Something most people don't know about you: I was once detained with Josef Newgarden trying to get into England in 2008. The British border patrol didn’t believe anything we had to say.

Who would you like to have dinner with (& why): Is it too much to ask to have dinner with the cast of the Fast and the Furious movies?

Quality you value most in others: Sense of Humor

Your first job: I worked at Marsh Supermarkets when I was 16.  I was a bag boy and a cart retriever.

What you'd be if you weren't a race driver: I’d do some sort of extreme sport.  Either that or be an actor.

How you got started in racing: I got started with a former neighbor of mine who was curious about karting.  I tagged along on the first trip to the track and was hooked since then!

How you relax at the race track: I like to listen to music with my Skullcandy headphones and keep to myself for a little while.

How you spend your spare time: I enjoy fitness training, playing Xbox, working on my car and playing more Xbox.

Greatest Fear: Check Engine Lights

Secret Wish: I wish I had a better metabolism.

Most proud accomplishment: Winning my first GP3 Race in Barcelona and hearing the American national anthem on an F1 weekend.

Best advice your mother ever gave you: Mother knows best!

Greatest influence on/in your life: My Dad and Mom

What you like most about yourself: I like being funny.

Most thrilling experience in a race car: Doing donuts in St. Petersburg grass after my Pro Mazda series win in 2010.

Most thrilling experience outside of a racecar: Being in the DJ booth with my friend DJMAKJ as the crowd went crazy in Chicago.

Toughest part of your job: Finding the sponsorship to keep it all going!

Your highest goal in racing: I just want to have a long career in open wheel racing whether that be F1 or Indycar.

What would a successful life look like to you? Well... aside from racing goals everyone knows about, it would involve a house with foam pits inside and outside with lots of ramps inside and outside, plus a cinema room with ear shattering bass, and a car barn with Italian super cars and plenty of other various vehicles, dirt bikes, 4-wheelers etc. A lot of whatever Travis Pastrana has in his backyard.  I wouldn’t mind a Victoria’s Secret model girlfriend/wife either.