By A.J. Foyt

Bumps in the road. At the Chevrolet Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix this weekend, there were a few of those but as racers everywhere understand, you don’t give up and you don’t give in.

The race returned to Belle Isle for the first time since 2008 and once again the island was changed from a park into a race track. The peaceful setting seemed at odds with the roar of the race cars which claimed at least one unlucky squirrel who wandered onto the track during a practice session.

Hats off to Penske Group for bringing  the race back to a city that has definitely taken the brunt of the country’s economic troubles on the chin. It gave those folks something to look forward to and cheer about. The sold out crowd welcomed us back and fans seemed really happy to have the race in their city.

For our ABC Supply team, it was the first race we finished since April 1st! When Mike Conway has finished, he’s finished in the top 10. He has driven the wheels off our Honda-powered No. 14 car but a series of misfortunate things happened so he hasn’t had the results to show for it. His ninth place in Detroit doesn’t sound like much, but it gave us something to cheer about too. Actually anytime you can roll your car onto the transporter after a street race, I think you have to count yourself lucky.