A Season of Change

By A.J. Foyt


Change can be hard, especially as you get older and look back on what you remember as the good old days. I’m not so sure the good old days were all that good, but they seemed to be a lot more fun. Of course, I was young and winning races so that probably explains a lot of it. But things don’t last forever and if you’re going to survive, whether it’s in business or sports, you have to be willing to change.

The IZOD IndyCar Series went through a lot of changes in the off season including new cars, new engines, new tracks and new drivers. There were a lot of question marks about this season but last weekend’s Honda Grand Prix of St. Petersburg gave us some answers.

The new cars designed and built by Dallara turned out to be pretty rugged; the Honda, Chevrolet and Lotus engines were more reliable than expected; and the 26 drivers actually did know how to look out for each other. They not only got through the first turn cleanly on lap 1, they raced on the streets of St. Pete for 100 laps without a major crash.

I’m not sure how long that respect will last, but as an owner, I hope it lasts for the whole season.