Alex Tagliani: Up Close & Personal

Nickname: Tag

Favorite Hobby: †Karting

Favorite Music: Hit List

Heroes: My Mom and Dad

Favorite vacation spot: Home

Favorite food: Bronteís Salads

Favorite drink: Lemon water

Favorite dessert: Pavlova

Favorite book: Car magazines

Favorite movie: Iron Man

Favorite actor/actress: Actor- Robert Downey Jr.

Favorite TV Show: Kitchen Nightmare

Favorite sport (other than racing) to watch on TV: Hockey

Favorite Race Tracks (& why): Indianapolis 500 because itís challenging, requires mental focus, and you wonít be happy until you win it.

Favorite restaurant (& where): Gordon Ramsey Las Vegas

Favorite holiday: Christmas

Favorite present received (ever): Support from Bowers-Wilkins and phone call from Tim Cindric to drive Penske Racing #22 Nationwide car

Favorite season (besides Ďracing seasoní): Summer

Your answering machine message: Sorry canít take your call now

Oldest thing in your refrigerator: Bronte doesnít allow things to go bad

Pets: None, but have daughter Eva-Rose

Something you do before every race: Put tear-off on visor

Most interesting fact about your career: Sat on the pole on every type of race track, and in different type of cars, CART, INDYCAR, Sports Car, NASCAR, Camping World Truck Series

Something most people don't know about you: Donít like bugs, clean freak

Who would you like to have dinner with (& why): Gordon Ramsey, love his show and appreciate his talent in the business.

Quality you value most in others: Honesty & Loyalty

Your first job: Worked at IGA super market night shift

What you'd be if you weren't a race driver: Real estate business

How you got started in racing: When my granddad bought me my first go-kart at 10 years old in Italy

How you relax at the race track: Chill at the bus, BBQ with Bronte and now Baby Eva-Rose

How you spend your spare time: Biking, working on sponsorship, and business

Greatest Fear: Unfinished business

Secret Wish: Wish I would have switched to IndyCar in 2003

Most proud accomplishment: Having a healthy Baby

Best advice your mother ever gave you: Enjoy life

Greatest influence on/in your life: My Dad and Mom and wife

What you like most about yourself: I have energy and never give up

Most thrilling experience in a race car: Pole Position at Indy 500 2011

Most thrilling experience outside of a race car: F18 ride

Toughest part of your job: Finding money to give yourself a job.

Your highest goal in racing: Win Indy 500 and in every type of car I drove

What would a successful life look like to you? Being able to enjoy life by spending more time with my family after racing